17 August 2007

Oh, my papa!

Big Brother USA scores with ratings this week. And Dick played a big part in that.

As his former allies all realized they could not stand his controlling and abusive behavior anymore, Dick was nominated for eviction against his daughter, Daniele, this week. He vowed to save his daughter from eviction no matter if this will cost his chances of winning the grand prize of $500k for himself.

His strategy is simple. He just have to make sure he would be behaving his worst by attacking the rest of the house guests. If Dick behaved liked a jerk before, when he was still actually chummy with everybody, this week, all hell broke lose. Dick became an even bigger jerk than he already is:

He did all that...
...So that the Dick takes the heat, not Daniele.
...So that the others will be driven to vote him out.
...So that his daughter, who manages to win almost every other competition, still remains in the house to win it all.

If I had been watching this show 2 or 3 years ago, I would have been easily appalled and affected by Dick's strategy. But as I sat and watched him bully nearly everybody this week, I was clapping and laughing at what I was seeing on TV. As sick as this may sound for some, Dick's strategy provided the entertainment.

What I find interesting is that while Dick does not look like an ideal father, and he certainly admits to making a lot of mistakes as a dad, he still shows genuine concern towards his daughter. As a parent myself, I see his heart in that. He plays with everybody in this house, but when it comes to his formerly estranged daughter? Dick melts like putty for Daniele.

Tonight would have to be live eviction and I'm pretty sure he is a goner. Although I made a mistake predicting Eric will go last week, I hope I'm wrong again because someone like Dick should remain inside the house and shake things up!