15 August 2007

The best nights of my life

Tagged by Anonymous from yesterday's blog entry.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people. And you are right, Anonymous, this should really be just a short list but I cannot come up with five right away!

Mine would have to be:

1. October 15, 1997 8:43 PM - my son's birth. I was awake during the whole ordeal (labored 28hours!) My first glimpse of my son was of him covered in white stuff, with a conehead and almost red from crying really loud. The nurses cleaned him for a few seconds before bringing over to me. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and then dropped on the bed, from exhaustion.

2. December 10, 1989 - A girl never forgets the time a boy tells her he likes her. This was also the first time I stayed up all night long, as if I was as buzzed, as if I had gazillion coffee cups. I did not get sleepy while everyone else in my group was already finding their best sleeping spots at friend's house during a sleep-over. That's how being on Cloud 9 feels. Sadly, the relationship which developed from this went nowhere. But still....a young girl at 16 never forgets the first time a boy tells her he likes her.

3. Food tripping with the hubby at midnight - Because this is the only time we can actually go on a date - after midnight, hopping on the car, driving wherever it takes us, or where our tastebuds dictate. And also because my hubby is most relaxed when the sun sets. He is Oscar the Grouch by day but an adorable Elmo at night. Har! Har!

4. College sleep-overs, early 90's - Even while we are forced to work and beat school deadlines, there is less pressure when you're in the company of classmates who are funnier than Tito, Vic & Joey.

5. TV Marathons - this happens often. This is my element. This is the one that completes me. (Haha, that is so sad!)

I want to know the best nights of Abbie, Honney, Raein and Chaucer