07 August 2007

Australian Idol 2007 Day 1 Auditions

Alright, maybe I was too much excited or there really were very few good auditions shown for Day 1...but I only spotted three good singers.

Good voice quality, yah?

But there's a difficulty to this, a risk, the way I see it. If these three people all make it to the finals, well and good. They do have the singing chops and the looks to match. So they do qualify for the title.

However, notice anything about their music? It's one and the same thing! It's one and the same category. Are they trying to fit into only one genre of music? That seems to be the trend there. Taking into account that this is a talent show, a TV spectacle... it might end up becoming a boring one if everyone's going to be doing the very same thing.

Hopefully these women have something else to offer. And I won't know that until they actually do make it to the final rounds, where their versatility can be tested.

And hopefully, too, the judges choose a variety of music and singing style.