09 August 2007

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

A few hours ago, in the Big Brother house...

Eric tells everybody Amber's biggest secrets (2 abortions) and this made her very, very angry:

That's one way to silence an entire house.

Was Eric mistaken for telling the secret? In the Big Brother house? THERE ARE NO SECRETS! You cannot trust anyone with any secret. Have Amber been watching the show for the last seven seasons?

Have no sympathy for Amber. She's polling the lowest in the popularity votes done by CBS and she supposedly made Anti-Semantic remarks, perhaps forgetting people are gonna get all that in the live feeds.

There is at least one Jewish player in the house, Eric Stein, also 27, of New York. Stein was made "America's Player" when the game began — a secret unbeknownst to the other players — and should win barring any surprises. His main quality has been that he is the least offensive of the group.

It looks like AmERICa's player is going home this week. And I so want to see the look on their faces when they find out who Eric has been allied with all along.