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21 November 2008

TV Rundown: What is the best new show this season?

TV Fans like me are reportedly unhappy, according to the study. Agree on some points. I have a better relationship with TV characters than I do with real people. Pathetic, but insanely true.

An interview with Grey's Dr. Owen Hunt.

The best new show of the season is this one. Huh. I did not like this one.

Why this is the super surprise hit of the season: NCIS. I have actually not seen a single episode of this. Maybe I will do so one of these days, just to see what the fuss is about.

Interview: Filipina Liza Lapira, who appears on Dexter and a few other TV series. And yes, she was that girl on 21.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Professional Dead Guy....and I was experiencing a brain fart earlier. All this time I was thinking he was also Eli's dad on Eli Stone...different guy! My mistake. :P

You know Tina Fey has really made it when there's a Sesame Character based on her Liz Lemons character. How cute is that?

Tim Kring insults Heroes viewer and calls them a bunch of saps. Way to go. That'll get the show more viewers. :P

Three of my shows died today, but TV lives on. Here are three more shows coming next season ---


  1. The only one I recognize from "10 Things" is the actress playing Bianca because she was in Camp Rock. Haha!

    NCIS... really? Nah, I'd rather watch Criminal Minds than that show. GTalkers often compare it to CSI, just with Navy people involved in their cases.

  2. I personally love True Blood. I was weirded out by the first episode, but was curious enough to watch the next ones. Now, I absolutely love it. It's really interesting and twisted.