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07 November 2008

TV Round Up: Fired!

This weeks biggest news and interesting updates in the world of TV...

Futurama returning? Yahoo!

In the wake of Proposition 8 and Ellen being disappointed the ban on gay marriage is back, there still was a wedding for this Will and Grace gay creator. Congratulations!

Heroes fired two of their production heroes.

Why is Brooke Smith's firing bad for Grey's Anatomy?

Tina Fey can take a bow and a break now. She's done playing Sarah Palin on SNL.

Michael Crichton, the writer and creator of ER (and Jurassic Park), is dead.

Premieres in January! I look forward to Burn Notice. Yum for Mr. Donovan. Also, American Idol returns for an season eight. And Fox is trying to kill Dollhouse by putting it on a Friday night!!!

George Clooney returns to ER?

Edward Norton produces the Obama Documentary for HBO.

Stuff that makes me go "What?!" --- True Beauty - Executive produced by the beautiful Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher, the show will feature 10 beautiful people living together in a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles, who will be given challenges to determine who is truly...well, the most beautiful. Stupid show...which I will probably watch. Hah.

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