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25 November 2008

A whole lot of naked on HIMYM!

Inspite of what was quite a hectic day earlier, I managed to squeeze in How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory (... and Chuck, which I had to fast forward several times coz my time was up and I had to get back to work). I cannot NOT watch TV in a day. Am so contented and relieved I took that break, because HIMYM this week? It was the AWESOMEst!

This collage of photos will speak for itself:

My favorite pose is that of Barney's, third row, middle. That's his Superman pose. Heh.

I have very little energy left though and I can't elaborate what went on in this episode. But if this photo's gotten you curious, check this site's account, it's where I got it from.

And I think I also have to say: this episode felt like a shout-out to Friends' Ugly Naked Guy! Yeah.

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