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23 November 2008

Save Eli Stone!

Just as Eli Stone got really interesting --- with former firm partners separating, lawyers jumping ship and Eli proving he can rebuild the smaller firm --- ABC decides not to renew it. Just as I'm beginning to see how the others actors are growing into their characters and I am beginning to see more depth with Matt's character, ABC decides this ends this season.

The campaign to save the show is on. And if you have not seen this one ever, you may be missing out. Eli Stone had a few kinks to work out in their story line. But it is one of the most original shows I've been watching.


  1. Let's gather here to figth for Eli Stone !

    http://www.save-elistone.com this site gives the whole list of petition sites ! + a forum

  2. The truth is, the show has gotten even better. I actually like it better this season than last season. Sadly, I blame ABC, in part, for not giving the show better advertising. I did not even realize the season premiere was happening until the show was a few episodes in. Nonetheless, this show remains the only show on television that I watch. This show manages to renew my faith in well-written, entertaining, and uplifting television. I'm rewarded every time I watch, and as a far who has seen every episode, I feel closer to the characters with every show. In all honesty, I would be willing to donate money, just to see this show continue to be made. It's better than many big budget movies I see in theaters, and I would buy it if it was released straight to DVD. Please ABC... don't make the same mistake FOX made with Arrested Development. This is the kind of show that people could love, if they were just made aware. Make them aware; don't shoot it out of the air, just as it is learning to use its wings.

  3. The only recourse is to stop watching ABC. The network cannot commit to producing quality programs, for whatever reason. "Eli Stone" and "Pushing Daisies" are canceled. I'm hearing that "Life on Mars" is next.

    Yet "According to Jim" goes on for an eighth season.

    I don't think that we as viewers have any leverage other than to stop watching. It's the only language network execs understand. If advertisers think they're reaching a higher quality audience based on ratings for shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" than "Eli Stone" or "Pushing Daisies," then they don't understand who has the disposable income.

    Simply said: If you want to save "Eli Stone," stop watching the "reality" shows, the game shows and the "sitcoms" that are neither situational nor funny. Make it unprofitable for ABC to run these shows, and they'll go away.