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17 November 2008

My "WHEEE!!!!" dialed down to "wheee..."

And I blame my poor eyesight for it.

I thought I read JOHN instead of JOAN. Don't get me wrong --- I love these Cusack siblings.

But I would have really been more excited if John was the one developing the TV series. Then again, what are the chances? He's a film guy, not a TV guy.

Anyway...hooray for Joan. She's back on TV, seven or so years after What About Joan was canceled (a series I haven't seen, by the way. I've been looking for it everywhere!)
Joan Cusack has lined up two TV projects, developing a comedy at NBC set in the world of psychiatry and starring opposite Mae Whitman in the Lifetime original movie "Acceptance."

The NBC project, which she is co-creating with the network and Universal Media Studios, will be based on an original idea of Cusack's. John Markus ("The Larry Sanders Show") is serving as writer/executive producer, while Cusack will produce with Julie Yen. --- THR
Can you get your brother on your show, Joan, please? He'd be perfect for that psychiatry comedy!

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