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27 November 2008

50 Things I'm Thankful For - The TV Edition

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S - my constant companion when I've lost my own set of friends.
2. Lost. I don't get it 95% of the time but the ride and the experience is wonderful.
3. The gift that is Pushing Daisies *sniff*
4. The funny people at The Office.

And these are not in particular order ---

5. Jack Bauer, hero extra-ordinaire
6. Dorks like John JD Dorian and Conan O Brien
7. The heart that is in Band of Brothers and Friday Night Lights.
8. Ben Linus. Best villain ever.
9. TV on DVD
10. Torrents
11. The Walker Clan.
12. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
13. Ellen.
14. Australian and American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance.
15. Marlon of Survivor Philippines.
16. Tina Fey
17. Kristin Chenoweth
18. Emerson Cod.
19. House and Wilson.
20. Bromances.
21. Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris.
22. Chick Television - Lipstick Jungle, Starter Wife, Privileged and Sex and The City (but not after breaking off with Aidan).
23. Chuck Bartowski aka Agent Charles Carmichael.
24. Coupling.
25. British TV.
26. Patrick Jane, the Mentalist.
27. Kevin McKidd.
28. Bryan Fuller.
29. The Bluths.
30. The Sopranos.
31. Ausiello, Kristin, Korbi and all those TV entertainment writers I follow and come in contact with.
32. Eli Stone.
33. Studio 60, short-lived as it was.
34. Aaron Sorkin.
35. Whedon.
36. Sheldon.
37. Big Bang Theory.
38. Veronica Mars.
39. The iconic Simpsons.
40. Seinfeld.
41. Youtube and video streaming.
42. Digby.
43. Matthew Perry.
44. Damien Lewis.
45. The Shield.
46. Complex characters and anti-heroes.
47. Upcoming New TV shows.
48. Jeopardy.
49. Attack of the Show.
50. Cable Television.

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