26 September 2010

TV Premiere Report Card

TV has been so crazy this past week, with premieres rolling out five million at a time in one day (well okay, more like four million!).  I was already sleep deprived to begin with. Having to watch all these new shows and returning shows made me lose more sleep.

It is not going to be like this for long, I hope.  There's a reason why I needed to check out all those premieres. It's to figure out which ones I'd keep on my watch list.

Unfortunately, a lot of these shows have really been so entertaining.  It's going to be a few more weeks before I decide which ones to drop.

Here's a report card, sort of. The ones in highlight are links to actual review/reaction of what I thought of the shows. Please click to read.

And here's the rest:
  • Mike & Molly - this comedy starring fat people is cute but it's not something I would keep tabs week after week.
  • Hawaii Five-O - AWESOME series premiere. Stars Alex O' Loughlin from Moonlight. Finally, he's got a keeper on his file.
  • Raising Hope - Promising series. I think this is going to be the break-out show of the season. It's about middle class Americans and a single dad trying to raise his baby.
  • Running Wilde - Disappointing, considering it stars some good actors - Will Arnett, David Cross and Keri Russell. Might have to watch another episode to really know if I'm going to watch this for long term. Will's a rich, rich dude. Keri's his old love. Bored already?
  • Undercovers - A J.J. Abrams production. Quite uneven. Although yeah, it had some excitement and the actors are likeable. Worthy of another round of watching. There are hints Tom Cruise could be guest starring....which I think is just a rumor.
  • My Generation - I could not understand this show. It was trying to be different and I was prepared to warm up to it but....I could not understand what it wants to become.
  • Outsource - It has potential. Although I would imagine the call-center jokes and the racist jokes about India would dry out pretty quickly.
  • Shit My Dad Says - also disappointing considering the Twitter account from which it's based from is hilarious. I'd watch it again though, to see if it improves.
  • The Defenders - NO. Just no. I'm not watching this again. It stars James Belushi, Jerry O'Connell and one actress I really admire, Natalie Zea. Sadly, the characters are unlikable and this lawyer series has nothing new to give viewers.
  • Detroit 187 - could not hold my interest. Some parts are intense but it just doesn't do it for me. Will give it a few more shots and then who knows?