23 September 2010

What's Wrong With Lone Star?

I've mentioned this twice yesterday: Lone Star is in danger of being cancelled after an abysmal season premiere rating. And it only happens to be the one show where I was totally impressed by the pilot.

Lone Star

There is nothing wrong with the show, I'd like to think. The critics have loved it and have been raving about it. The plot line is common but the conflict is very real. An average person can relate to it. Who hasn't been scammed, fooled or made to believe in something that's not really true?

There is nothing wrong with its actors. Even newcomer on Primetime TV, James Wolk, is impressive. Not only blessed with good looks, the kid is believable. I like the twisted dynamics of his character's relationship with his father. Robert/Bob (James Wolk) grew up trained by his Dad to con people. His father tells him he is the best at what he does, a natural. That's like having a dad shower you praises...for stealing and lying.

At a crossroads, Bob realizes he wants to set his life right. Because he is in love. With his second wife, who he lives with in another town and is a plane ride away from his first wife. To set things right and to avoid having all his lies spill over, Bob uses his first wife's company, to correct a con he and his father organized in his second wife's hometown.

His father thinks the best plan is for him to bail and start all over somewhere else. But in Bob's mind, he's got a good plan of sticking this through and sticking with the girl he loves. And this is what we have to watch unfold. How long is Bob going to keep things a secret? How far will he go to set things straight with his second wife, but ruining his credibility, and his life, with his first? How much of his father's influence will affect the way he unravels his plans?

Young people will not be driven to watch this, I'd have to say. It's serious. It's life.

And since Lone Star is on Fox, whose audience is composed of teenagers voting on American Idol or gushing over Glee's stars, this is probably where Lone Star got it wrong. Fox's viewers don't want a serious show that's almost true-to-life, right?

It probably is going to do better, ratings-wise, in another network. Or on cable.

Fun fact: Lone Star is created by Kyle Killen. And this is his FIRST show ever, with no prior credentials as writer or producer. You can check his IMDb profile.