16 September 2010

Life Unexpected: Burning Questions for Season 2's Premiere

Life Unexpected Season 2 
Creator of Life Unexpected, Liz Tagelaar, had said in one interview that some of the conflicts that were introduced when her series returned for its second season,  were choices from the network. She didn't exactly agree with them.  But since these were orders from the bosses, she had to change the story and direction of  the how to accommodate the boss' wishes.

Thus, while I enjoyed the fact that LUx is back on air and had earned a second season (after its status was in the bubble for a while), last night's premiere felt like the show missed its step.


  • Who are all those new people? Where are Alice and Tasha? And why does Ryan suddenly have something cooking behind Cate's back?
  • Baze and Cate...that's never going to be over huh? Because when it's over, where's the conflict going to lie?
  • Lux meeting this new guy who turns out to be a teacher at her school? Did I not already see that last summer on Pretty Little Liars? 
  • And what's the likelihood of Paige, Baze's one night stand, becoming Ryan's sister? Where in the world can that happen? Only in a TV program where network bosses say --- "Let's cook something up, and make everyone go crazy!"
  • Why is everyone making bad decisions after bad decisions?

It sounds as though I was disappointed by the premiere. I wasn't. For all these questions, Life Unexpected at least kept the best part --- the heart; where there so much more to this one.

I guess the 180 degree changes...were, well, unexpected.

Maybe in the next episode following, it will get its footing back on track.