09 September 2010

Cats Vs. Dogs? Dogs Always Win! (Or Why I enjoyed watching Terriers over Hellcats]

Terriers on FX
Cats and Dogs. Huh. I didn't realize this till I was about to blog about these two new shows, Hellcats and Terriers.

And like cats and dogs, these shows are miles different. I don't imagine those who watched Hellcats would get Terriers, and those who watched Terriers could stay glued to Hellcats.

And because I love dogs better, Terriers is definitely way cooler. But if I had a 15 year old teenage girl with me, she'd most likely disagree and say those girls and their wild cheer moves are way cooler.

What I liked about Terriers? Clever, clever writing. Though that was expected. This show is from the guys who created The Shield and Ocean's 11, anyway... they actually know what they are doing. What I didn't expect? That this show was gonna be funny! Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James play unlicensed private investigators and their repartees and exchanges are so witty. Plus, with interesting character stories (such as Donal's newly divorced character, Hank, who still pretty much pines for his ex-wife),  this show is going to have so many layers to it.

I'm looking forward to each of the layers peeling off.

Hellcats, on the other hand, was fun for the first ten minutes. You would pretty much get the gist of the story when there's an underdog trying to prove herself to the mean girls. And while I appreciate a good showmance, none that I saw from this pilot actually impressed me. Not even when the lead character, Marti, went crazy and did her own routine. If anything, I wanted to throw my pillow at the TV set,  at these girls jumping and gyrating. Plus, Marti resembled Christina Aguilera. Slut!

I'm not sure I'm tuning to the second episode.

Did you watch the premieres of Hellcats and Terriers? What did you think of it?