10 September 2010

Surprises on Nikita

Maggie Q & Lyndsy Fonseca in The CW's Nikita
In trying to remain spoiler free this season, I also managed to miss the fact that Lyndsy Fonseca is in the cast of Nikita. Oh, sure...she may have been in the teasers and the previews, but it didn't occur to me to dig deeper and find out why she's in the cast and more importantly --- where the heck have I seen this girl before again?

So, it did come as a surprise to me to find her all grown up, playing the role of a character who will potentially become another bad-ass in this series. Just like Maggie Q's Nikita.

It's a huge surprise because... why she is familiar only registered to me after watching the pilot episode a couple of hours ago.

This is the girl that sat on this famous couch, in this famous living room, waiting to hear how her dad met her mother. Remember her?

Lyndy Fonseca on How I Met Your Mother
Had I known what a very, very important character she plays on Nikita, beforehand, I would have done all I can to follow her interviews and promos. Then again, if I did all that? I wouldn't have such a surprising, delighted reaction after watching the pilot episode. I would have ruined the big twist for me.

So, on hindsight...I guess it was better I didn't know too much about the show.

What I do know now is that I'm going to watch for more of Nikita, because of this girl and her character, Alex.

The promos were banking on Maggie Q as its X-factor. While she does well in this series, I'm gonna go with Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and bet she will make a significant impact, too.

For the many times that Nikita's story has been done (as a French series, or that 90's American series, or the movie starring Bridget Fonda).... this particular production actually has something fresh to offer. Which I can't say, because it's going to ruin the surprise for those who have yet to watch it.

But do know this:  there is a big, exciting twist at the end. It's nicely put together to make viewers, like me, come back for more. (And if you've already seen the pilot, come back to this post and let's talk about it!)

As for the rest of the show...

  • I'm a little bit turned off by the way part of the plot was told because Nikita had to spoon-feed some of it,  as in narrate what happened to her, to the viewers, through her foster parent. Which made it a bit awkward. Bad, bad writing.
  • I'm a little bit turned off by some of the actors and I can't put my finger on why yet. There's this cheese-ball factor to them, that I have a hard time buying they are dangerous men.
  • I have issues with Maggie Q's sex appeal. LOL. My gad! The woman is stick thin but she is so, so hot! How can that be?
  • "Division" is revived. Division supposedly died with Jack Bauer. But apparently, people are still working for Division.
  • And lastly....(SPOILER) if Division is so good at finding out all of their agents' secrets, past and present, how can they not trace the connection between Nikita and Alex? Or....what did Nikita and Alex do to hide this from anyone ever finding out?