03 September 2010

TV in Development: Gaiman's Sandman, Sam Raimi's Lancaster and Something like 24

Neil Gaiman's widely popular comic book, The Sandman, is getting a TV treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Supernatural's creator, Eric Kripke, is being eyed to become its showrunner. I'm not familiar with neither, despite its fanbase. But Maureen Ryan, a TV critic and fan of both works, says the TV development is a bad idea.

Sam Raimi, box office director of the Spider-man Movies, among others, is producing a TV series for CBS. If it's on CBS, you can bet on the show being a  cop-drama. The program is going to be a about a former Scotland Yard detective who becomes an LAPD detective and will be tentatively entitled "Lancaster".

A serialized TV drama, which looks to be inspired by 24 or the upcoming Fall TV Show, The Event, is also under development at ABC. Marc Guggenheim is calling the shots and the untitled project will be about White House's Office of Crisis Management.