26 September 2010

First Thoughts: Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods
Because I had been reading raves about this program and because on a Friday night, it earned a solid 12M or so when it premiered, I had high expectations this show was going to wow me. I probably shouldn't have watched it with so much anticipation. Because it fell short of what I was hoping to get from the series.

I was expecting something like The Whole Truth, where,  as a viewer, I was treated to a familiar setting (law series) but was offered something different (you can read about that here).

The only thing that sets Blue Bloods apart from all the other cop shows already on TV is that the men in the family are cops and the females are lawyers (including the daughter in law).

The rest of the show is not as remarkable as I would have hoped. There was something contrived about the way the story played out.  Such as, solving the case of the week involved getting clues  from a prototype doll, where there are only 3 in existence in the whole world. What are the chances that these prototypes are all in the hands of New Yorkers, huh?

The series stars Tom Selleck  (who returns to TV after decades) as the police commissioner, Donnie Walberg as his detective cop/son, Bridget Moynahan as his DA/daughter, Will Eates as his other son who is also a cop and married to an associate lawyer. They also have a grandfather, Tom Selleck's character's dad, who is a retired cop.  They are the Reagans and they all serve the great city of New York.

I won't consider dropping this show from my list, just yet. Only because there's nothing else to watch the night Blue Bloods is on.