01 September 2010

Hello, Fall TV 2010...I've been eagerly anticipating your arrival!

I've been looking at my stats and archive and saw that I had only seven entries last month. Yeah, August was rather busy and September, for sure, will be a lot busier. But I should be busier on this blog as well, with all those season premieres for Fall TV.

The recent Emmy Awards kicked off my excitement for what I'm hoping is another year of good TV. There's tons to look forward to, such as ---

Michael Scott's Final Year. I try not to follow spoilers this time around, but I can't help but read news of who's going to be back and what can possibly happen. The Office is gearing for a great send-off from what I've read. I'm gonna miss Michael Scott after this.

Love, love, love. Dr. House loves Dr. Cuddy: Disaster waiting to happen? Or is this happily ever after? What about Castle and his favorite lady-detective? Will Ted finally meet Mother? What's going to happen to Baze & Cate? Will Jules find a new guy or will her friends more than make-up for that void? These are just some of the stories I'll have to follow this season.

Conan O'Brien. Coco-loco!

More Sheldon. Especially since he won for Best Actor at the Emmy's last Sunday, people will be looking out for this character. I read somewhere saying Jim Parsons is the new David Hyde Pierce. I'd have to agree!

Abed & Troy. Community's version of Ernie and Bert/Beavis & Butthead/Chandler & Joey. What crazy antics are they getting into this time?

More Barney. Likewise, what hilarious situations will Barney end up in this year?

Families. The Hecks on The Middle, the Dunphy's or the gay couple on Modern Family, and well, alright...as little love I have for the very loud Braverman's on Parenthood, I'd watch them again this year.

Plenty of new programs. I can't begin to tell which one I'm more excited for. I am liking the diversity, actually... in spite the underlying formats (cop show, doctor show, family show blah, blah).

Old faces back on TV. One site (could not remember which one) made a list of former TV stars coming back and doing new shows again and they were about 100+. Yup, 100+ familiar faces, back with new roles and new shows. This should be good.

New faces. Who am I going to like this year? Some of these new faces are the lead stars of the show. Can they pull it off and carry the program to success?

I only have a week left to catch up the other programs I've put off watching last time (Chuck, Fringe, to name a few). This will make my schedule so hectic and very, very impossible. :P

But, whatever...bring it on!