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23 September 2010

Better With You is Actually A Lot Better Than You Thought!

Better With You Cast
I had no expectations whatsoever for this new comedy series, Better With You. I was fully prepared to treat is as something I could watch now and then, if I happen to remember. But, as it turns out? It was a good way to spend an easy 22 minutes. I had fun watching, thank you very much!

The series, which is created by Shana Goldberg-Meehan who previously worked on Friends, is about couples and relationships.

Here we have three of those at different stages of coupling:
  • Maddie and Ben, high school sweethearts, have been together for nine years. They haven't gotten married but believes their union is a "valid life-choice".
  • Mia and Casey only met less than two months ago and they surprise Maddie and Ben by announcing they are getting married/pregnant.
  • Maddie and Mia are sisters. Maddie's a lot successful and Mia looks up to her. Ben's a nice, successful chap himself, much like Friend's Ross or Chandler; while Casey would have to be, uhm...early season Joey.
  • The girls' parents have been married over 30 years and they're both real characters. They make fun of the fact that Maddie's made her "valid life-choice"; and they aren't bothered by the other fact that their youngest daughter, is rushing into marriage, when they are going to be grandparents.
I think I've given away too much of the story. But you ought to still watch it. Because there's a few worthy laughs and a couple of teary moments between sisters, too.  Also,  I didn't find any of the characters annoying (except there's a laugh track! Darn laugh track!)

I don't have any high hopes for this one, though. There's nothing ground breaking about this show. But then again, there's nothing groundbreaking about Two and A Half Men either....and look where it got them. I don't know who is watching that show (I don't. I don't anybody else who does, either!) but it's still on, and it's even a top-rater.  So maybe Better With You will be this season's surprise. Who knows?

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