22 September 2010

Ratings Game: WTH? Why didn't you love Lone Star????

I was gonna start blogging about how TV made me crazy yesterday but the first thing I did waking up was to immediately seek ratings results and discovered that Lone Star was probably the biggest loser last night.

WTH, America? This beautiful, charming face couldn't convince you to sit still and watch television for 45 minutes?

James Wolk on Lone Star. *sigh* 

Bristol Palin
Lone Star earned 4M viewers with a demo rating of 1.3 Million. That's cable standard-ratings and that's not good for a network show. Furthermore, it could not sustain the viewers watching House before that. 68% drop. Disappointing. Early reviews have said this show was gonna be great, did none of you get the memo on that?

Meanwhile, Dancing With The Stars' two-hour show went for a record breaking 21M viewers, especially since Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, is on it. That's where America was tuned in. Crap!

Other winners of the night were new shows like The Event, this Lost Meets 24 show and the Hawaii Five-O reboot, which I liked, surprisingly. Third time's the charm for Alex O' Loughlin, huh?

House returns to its seventh season with 7M drop, Castle comes back for its third season and did considerably well.

And here's the rest of the data (via Zap2it):

ABC: "Dancing With the Stars" season premiere (20.1 million viewers, 12.8/20 households)
FOX: "House" season premiere (10.5 million, 6.1/9)
CBS: "How I Met Your Mother" season premiere (8.8 million, 5.3/8)/"Rules of Engagement" season premiere (8.3 million, 5.1/8)
NBC: "Chuck" season premiere (6.1 million, 3.5/5)
The CW: "90210" (2.15 million, 1.4/2)

ABC: "Dancing With the Stars" season premiere (21.9 million, 13.9/21)
CBS: "Two and a Half Men" season premiere (14.5 million, 8.9/13)/"Mike & Molly" series premiere (12.2 million, 7.6/11)
NBC: "The Event" series premiere (11.2 million, 6.8/10)
FOX: "Lone Star" series premiere (4.1 million, 2.5/4)
The CW: "Gossip Girl" (1.9 million, 1.2/2)

CBS: "Hawaii Five-0" series premiere (13.8 million, 8.6/14)
ABC: "Castle" season premiere (11.2 million, 7.2/12)
NBC: "Chase" series premiere (7.9 million, 5.0/8)

Will be blogging more about these shows later. I have got to get some more sleep. Watching six hours of TV last night, and having to actually wake up this early the following morning (coz you know...life!)? Not a good way to start the day. I'mma recharge, get to real work first, feed my family, clean house and come back to blab about why I've fallen in love with TV all over again. (LAST. NIGHT. ROCKED!!!)