19 September 2010

NBC's Outlaw Should be Outlawed

* Wow, something went wrong with my blog and it deleted this whole entry! Here is what's left of what I've salvaged. From memory!!!*

I shouldn't be blogging about this one.

I shouldn't be wasting space.

But someone out there must be told that when you watch Outlaw, this new lawyer series from NBC, you would have spent one hour of your life super unproductively. And like they always say --- that's one hour of your life you cannot take back.

Jimmy Smits plays Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza on Outlaw 

For a show that puts a Supreme Court Justice (played by Jimmy Smits) front and center, as its main character, as its lead...the writers couldn't bring any justice to the story revolving around him. The dialogue alone is painful to watch. The characters are unlikable, which is a shame because Jesse Bradford, who we loved in King of the Hill, is in its cast.

Acting is terrible, even with Smits and Bradford present.  And the worst one of the bunch was this girl:

Carly Pope as the annoying Lucinda Pearl
She is this hacker something of a dudette who works for the Justice to...well, hack and thoroughly investigate cases. Her character is so much like Kalinda on The Good Wife, or may, in fact, be really imitating her, down to the clothes and the attitude.

The thing was, Lucinda did not fail to make it known to people that her character is great at what she does (hacking) and that she's weird but also very cool. She's so much more cooler than anyone else within the 100 mile radius. Words to that effect come out of her mouth each time she has a line. Though it isn't totally Carly Pope's fault. Writing is just really, really, really bad.

I couldn't finish watching the pilot for Outlaw. And going by way of other opinions by critics, it seems my dislike for it isn't only limited to me.

This is one show you can immediately judge by its content...even if you are not a judge (haha!).

And so the verdict is? Don't watch Outlaw. You're better off spending an hour with Hellcats. At least the cheer dance routines are entertaining.