25 September 2010

First Thoughts: The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth
While The Whole Truth may just be another legal drama, amidst the gazillion legal dramas already on TV, Jerry Bruckheimer and company found a way to present this in a refreshing manner. It may be typically a procedural but there's something unique about the way the story is told, episode after episode. Knowing no prior information about the show, I was actually pleased with the way it was structured. It cannot be dismissed as just another lawyer series.

The Whole Truth presents both sides of the story --- the prosecutor's and the defendant's. It shows the process by which lawyers do their jobs. And at the end of the series, it shows us what actually happened, whether the criminal was indeed guilty or not.

I just wish though, that Rob Morrow, would tone done his own execution. Who was he trying to be? Tommy Lee Jones?

The series also stars Maura Tierney, who had to take a break from TV for a while, after her cancer scare.  It's good to know she's in the pink of health and is working again.

Did you catch The Whole Truth? Check it out if you didn't.