08 September 2010

Brace Yourselves! Fall TV Starts Today!

Tonight, Sept 8th on American TV,  two new shows will air their series premieres.

Hellcats on CW
On The CW it's Hellcats.  With the young ones as its target audience, don't expect anything heavy from this show, or have, at the very least, a host of convincing actors.  It's about cheerleaders/cheerleading/cheerdancing. Basically? Active teens, dancing and flexing in skimpy outfits showing how much we've all lost it (by WE, I mean, people over 35 like me! *sigh*).

There's going to be full of eye-candy, which is a given since this is a show about teenagers and every pretty girl or hunky guy must be in the cast. I don't expect a lot of substance, which is alright anyway. I only expect to have fun watching this.

However, early reviews are saying Hellcats is pretty decent....when compared to the reboot of 90210 (which also ran on The CW). So, I dunno how good or bad that is, considering I didn't really like 90210 nor bothered to finish watching its pilot two years ago.  But I'm gonna watch the first episode of Hellcats because...well, it brings out the teenager in me. HEE!!!

On FX, it's the series premiere of Terriers. Now, this? This I'm quite excited for. The series promos are saying that fans of The Shield are going to look forward to this one. So, here I am. The Shield Fan. Present!!

Terriers is about private detectives and I've watched the previews on Youtube sometime ago and was impressed by its concept. It's nothing original (Cop. Lost Job. Drinking problem. Marital Woes blah, blah). But the execution looks perfect.

The reviews say it's EXCELLENT. Who doesn't wanna watch EXCELLENT?

Now, I just have to zone out Donal Logue's last character from my memory. I keep associating him as a comedian since I saw him last on Grounded For Life, I think.

And...is this a Jack Russell Terrier in their promo photos?? Loving Terriers already!!!

Terriers on FX