02 September 2010

TV in Development: JJ Abram's Alcatraz & Ron Moore's Adult Harry Potter world

JJ Abrams
Those new TV programs have yet to premiere starting next week, but I read something today that has made even more excited for television.

Deadline Hollywood reports that JJ Abrams is working on a new TV show that is inspired by Alcatraz. There isn't plenty of information about this yet, as the project remains top secret. It should have the same intensity of Oz or Prison Break, perhaps even more intense. It's JJ Abrams!

IMDb also reports that Ron Moore, who is credited for Battlestar Galactica, is working on a series for NBC. This time, it's not science fiction but the unnamed series is set in an adult Harry Potter world.

These shows in development are probably going to be in next year's line-up. I have a special interest for these as based on the few details provided, these are productions that should raise the bar for television again.