10 September 2010

Ratings Game: Cats win, Dogs lose!

Hellcats on The CW
I didn't want to say anything about ratings after writing my entry for Hellcats and Terriers  coz I didn't want to jinx it. Anytime I say out loud that I think I can guess what's going to happen --- the opposite happens. But anytime I keep to myself, it always comes true. (By the way, this "rule" applies to almost anything in my life!)

So last night, I got this feeling Hellcats was going to debut strong compared to Terriers, though I didn't want to comment, lest I jinx this again...and then lose credibility points.

But the numbers are out. And since I kept my prediction to myself --- I got it right.

Hellcats debuted to solid numbers: 3M viewers, 1.4M in the 18-34 demo, 1.2M in the 18-49 demo. These are okay numbers for a new show on The CW. In fact, this is more than okay, as the series delivered one of its strongest debuts of any show (on that network) to date. Of course, if these numbers were on NBC, CBS or any of the other bigger networks, this would be pretty bad.

Terriers, on the other hand, only drew 1.6M.  It's on CableTV (FX), which viewers have to subscribe to. But compared to other debuts on cable television, this is not a good start.

Both these shows were heavily marketed with tons of promos, spins and campaigns. Yet only Hellcats managed to reap something out of these marketing push. Which is actually true. I didn't know about Terriers until a month before it was going to start airing. But Hellcats has been something I've heard of since April.

FX is beefing up marketing by re-airing the series premiere of Terriers, Tuesday.