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02 September 2007

Late posting...

It's past 1 AM over here. And I just want to post this, albeit four or five years late (?) ..... I love Felicity!

"Our best decisions, the ones that we never regret,
come from listening to ourselves."



  1. Mindy! Thanks for posting this. I was a BIG Felicity fan (I was even convinced that I'll name my first daughter Felicity). I really enjoyed the first and second seasons; well after that it kinda went down hill. But I still think its worth watching.

    Thanks again for posting this.. warm memories!

  2. You are most welcome, Jemsy! :)

    I feel sad because when I looked for other Felicity fan sites last night, most of them are already gone, like the show. :(

    Doing some major catching up, still on on Season 3...

  3. OMG!! I can't believe that JJ Abrams did this series!! Hahaha.. :) But seriously - he loves his 'Felicity' cast kasi most of his shows - have them on it! Natawa nga ako when Felicity was set to star in MI3!

    Anyways - I remember always hearing the name 'Ben' - Ben ng Ben si Felicity!! Haha.. And who can forget Amanda (tama ba and memorya ko?!) her gothic roomie!??

  4. Hi Didi! It's Meghan, the gothic roomie.

    Every character in this series, can have their own spin-off, diba, even that pesky dorm mate of Felicity who keeps on violating the rules and bribing Noel. Each character is interesting. LOL!