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24 September 2007

I missed this one!


Was supposed to go. But I'm running with a herd all week (read: my family's in town). Where one went moo, the others supposedly follow and must not stray (if you have a big family, you must know). Mall tour was part of the agenda, but plans changed as quickly as I changed clothes in a day this week because of several "family events" our herd went to...which reminds me, laundry is piling up. Ugh.

I still have next weekend....E's here for one more week. In the meantime, I've been contented listening to E on the radio.



  1. MIndy, you have to! You HAVE to!

    Ako nga eh, since my hubby didnt want me to fly to Manila...I did the ultimate revenge: I did not cook a single thing for the past 3 days...katwiran ko sa asawa ko, I shouldve been in Manila..so instead, Im spending my whole weekend reading up on Elliott and watching all the Manila videos. So ayun, hindi naman nagreklamo, haha.

    Go to ATC! Be there early so you can get seats and a Meet and Greet pass. Every fan says that Elliott is too good to pass up. Punta na!

  2. Leeney!!!! I'm pissed for missing it actually, pero kinikimkim ko lang. Alam mo yung feeling? LOL! But I can't stay pissed at 'em....wala akong Christmas gift hahahah. Inaabuso ko na lang sila dito, tutal puro naman sila old maid at working. Anak ko ang accomplice. Daming baon ng anak ko this week. Katas ng bisita ng kamag-anak. Heheheeh. So evil!

    I'll try my luck in Cebu where one of my Tita is based. Siya na naman guguluhin ko.

    Alam ko na cute pie si Elliot lately, thanks to the make-over. Pero gwaping yung kasama niya sa picture ni Vera ah.... heheheh

  3. you better catch it. I was at TriNoMa and he was phenomenal! i'm still trying to get out of work this Friday so I can catch him again at ATC. recap's up on my blog, btw... with lots of videos!

  4. Cool, mars! Looks like you had the best time there. And whoohoo, videos!! :)