17 January 2008

Renaldo Lapuz: A Pinoy on American Idol 2008

Joke or not, last night, American Idol discovered a star. Renaldo Lapuz, a Filipino in America, auditioned for the show and made an impact.

At the time I linked his video from Youtube, it has already earned 56 comments, 99% of it positive. And I don't know if people are making a mockery out of it. But look, hours after his audition was aired, kids are already singing his original song:

And who does Renaldo remind me of?

Maverick Relova
of that wacky comedy duo on the local channel ABC-5.

Maverick, Renaldo stole your style, man. That could've been you!

Update: Someone has made ringtones of Renaldo's original song for your mobiles and you can download on his website:

Mono MP3 format | Stereo MP3 format | WMA format