18 January 2008

Conan O' Brien is my God!

The fact that I worship Conan O' Brien is no secret on this blog. If I have to, I'd be a willing participant to a cult religion dedicated to him. Still without writers this week, he continues to make his late night talk show interesting, by trying different things:

He's also written a strike diary on EW.
I am alive, but there is no writing for television and motion pictures. I stumble about my apartment — a stranger in a strange land. Gathering my wits, I take stock of my meager supplies: four original episodes of House, a handful of fresh 30 Rocks, and two Heroes, which I fear have gone bad. I cannot survive long — panic sets in.

Using three coat hangers and an old T-shirt, I construct a crude device to collect potable water. I then realize that fresh drinking water will not be an issue during a Writers' Strike. I go to the refrigerator and fetch a Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea. It is my first triumph over the elements and I rejoice.
The rest of that very amusing diary entry is here.