12 January 2008

Had too much TV last night

...that I actually slept at 4 am. Old episodes of Ally McBeal and Charmed kept me up past 1 am. And when I couldn't sleep anymore, I had to watch Ellen's show also. It seems the reception on those freeTV channels on cable are better after midnight and my new channel of choice is 2nd Ave. They are bringing in some must-watch TV shows --- Mad Men and The Riches, as well as a score of other new shows. I recommend you ought to check out the channel.

Anyway, also from last night... some note-worthy episodes from 30 Rock and Ugly Betty:

30 Rock, simply rocked. Too many quotable quotes, mostly lines from Kenneth. I don't know where to start. Tina Fey, while mostly recognized as a brilliant writer, is slowly coming into her own as an excellent actress/comedian. The "Midnight Train to Georgia" musical ending was unexpected and downright hilarious. I'm trying to find a video of it online, but couldn't come up with any.

Just some of my favorite quotes:

Kenneth: I don't drink any hot beverages. That's the Devil's temperature!
Kenneth: (after drinking) I love the way coffee makes me feel. It's like my heart is trying to hug my brain!
Kenneth: I've always been told that New York was the twenty-first-century city of Sodom and look what's happened? I've become one of them. I've been sodomized.

Sadly, like many shows airing this week, this will be the last one for awhile.

Ugly Betty was entertaining mainly because of Amanda and Marc once again. He introduces her to a psychic who tells Amanda how he's supposed to find her father (who apparently is KISS' Gene Simmons).

Wilhelmina is looking for a surrogate mom, who will bear her child and Bradford's (whose sperm she had frozen).

Betty convinces Daniel to have normal-looking models for Fashion Week in the hopes of swaying Justin's model-obsessed classmates. Betty ends up doing the catwalk on the runway and convinces at least one impressionable teener that normal-looking is still beautiful.

Betty has about a couple more episodes left, if I'm not mistaken.

Some TV News bits...
  • Tom Hanks tries to save the day, speaks up against AMPTP.
  • A Dexter Protest from Australia - "references to Adelaide as some sort of serial killers' capital damages the city's reputation and its tourism industry."
  • Golden Globes still on... somewhat