11 January 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4 E11 Lay Your Hands On Me

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy would have to be the last we'll see for over some time. And it's a good thing they left us with something to remember by. It was Bailey who did the narration for this episode, and halfway through it, we learn why.

Bailey's character took center stage as she finds her son in Seattle Grace's emergency room, just hours after she left their home for work. Baby Tuck had an accident --- his mother's thick medical books and bookcase came crushing down on him and he had major internal injuries. Bailey's husband is quick to blame Miranda, saying that she forgot to close the baby gate in her haste to leave the house this morning. Miranda blamed her husband for not watching over the boy. Their moments were intense. I feel for Bailey, I feel for Mr. Bailey. And even as Tuck survived the ordeal, it was clear in the end that the marriage wouldn't.

Meanwhile, Derek tells Meredith he's building a house for the two of them. Meredith's hesitation made Derek realize their relationship remains at a standstill...just like before; nothing has change, nothing will ever improve. And when Meredith accidentally finds out her boyfriend has been kissing the nurse, this relationship was also over by the end of the episode.

Other highlights:
  • Meredith cooks eggs for Lexie, who was bunking at her house.
  • Lexie's skin breaks out. She's allergic to eggs but didn't want to tell Meredith who made an effort to prepare her breakfast.
  • George's mom visits the hospital, bringing yellow and green knitted baby clothes, for the baby he and Callie were trying to have. She had no idea her son is an adulterer. When she learns the truth from, of all people, Izzie, she berates her son like any Catholic mother would.
  • Hahn tells Sloan she actually likes him! But she's keeping things at a professional level. In that hospital, somebody should.
  • A healing lady tells Alex he's got bad vibes but they did see that Izzie brings him sunshine.
  • Cristina chose to hold Baby Tuck's hand during surgery, when earlier, Izzie just told her she'd win the contest for Best Robot. She's no roboPublish Postt after all.
Here are some clips from this episode: