05 January 2008

BB Franchise calls Rustom - Brad Pitt of The Philippines

... and I was like, "What?! Who told them that?" I mean no insult and I have cried about this scene on Pinoy Big Brother. But really how did that happen? Where's the parallelism? Is it coz of the hair?? That's the only thing remotely similar I can think of. My husband had a different reaction: "Bakit, bakla na rin ba si Brad Pitt?"

The exact content:
Nearly 11,000 miles away in the Philippines another housemate sought acceptance. Movie star, Rustom Padilla, the Philippines' equivalent of Brad Pitt, has spent four weeks in their Celebrity Big Brother house.

From a famous Filipino acting dynasty, Rustom had separated from his wife just before entering the house.

In the Philippines, butterflies are symbol for rebirth. And for Rustom, this was a significant moment.

Here's the video from Big Brother Around The World, which aired in UK's Channel 4 in the last week of Dec 2007.

You can watch a complete episode on YouTube (that is if it's not deleted yet). Just search for the show's title.

If you had to equate Rustom with a Hollywood Celeb, who would you pick? For some reason, my mind zeroes in on Robert Downey, Jr. and I don't know why. LOL!