05 January 2008

Celebrity Apprentice: Hotdogs

I'll start off by saying...I knew I gave up watching The Apprentice for a reason and I should have stuck with that. So, even as I was impressed by Gene Simmons using his celebrity clout to win the first task; even as Omarosa and that tabloid writer had an acerbic exchange that, for a moment, pumped up my blood with excitement, I don't think I'll watch the show again.

If this were a full-course meal, I was already full as soon as the appetizers were served. I checked out the first episode out of curiosity and my curiosity was satisfied immediately. It could very well be an exciting season, but I'll pass, thank you.

But for those who would like to see how it panned out, here are some videos from the boardroom. YouTube Video Credits to trumpfan.