14 January 2008

Brothers and Sisters S2 E10 Feast of Epiphany

Mommy Nora has a crush on Kitty's friend. Nora thinks it's pathetic, Sarah assures her that it's cute. She's hosting a dinner party, requiring all her kids be present, so this crush doesn't appear too obvious. Except that, what is a Walker get-together without all the hoopla?

In the middle of dinner, Kitty poses a hypothetical question to everyone --- if you know something that will be painful to someone if it is revealed, should you tell or stay quiet? It was supposed to be her attempt at discussing a political secret without revealing way too much (because Robert wants to keep his campaign clean); but everyone in the Walker family is always hiding secrets of their own, that the question raised paranoia among them. When Kitty told everyone how she and Robert don't lie to each other, and Robert agrees with a bit of hesitation, the domino chips came tumbling down.
  • Kitty and Robert blows off steam in the kitchen. She's learning that the timing of her wanting to have a baby now didn't sit well with Robert.
  • In comes Kevin offering unsolicited comments, which ticked off Robert and he brings up his gay brother's relationship with Kevin. Kevin defends by saying he's not doing anything wrong since he isn't married.
  • Cue to Sarah revealing to a surprised Kitty that brother Tommy had an affair with his secretary, Lena....a girl Justin dated afterwards.
  • Turns out Justin is still dating her, lied to his brothers that he has stopped seeing Lena. And when Kitty expressed her dislike for her, Justin defends her and says to blame it all on Tommy.
  • Seeing the disappointed looks on his siblings' faces, Tommy tells them he is saving his marriage and that Lena was a mistake.
  • Which his wife, Julia, overhears, just as she, like everyone else, has stepped into the kitchen, leaving their mother with her crush all alone. And right on cue, Nora also pops into the kitchen and orders all her children back to their seats.
  • Now that everyone is in the dining room, Julia lets out a cry while Nora's being cute for her crush, telling him stories about the family dog. Thinking it was what has upset her daughter-in-law, Nora is shocked to learn her son was sleeping with another woman. And worse, her daughter-in-law slept with another man, too.
I love dinners at the Walker house!

In the end though, Tommy and Julia decide to work it out and Nora tells her son he's not like his father, since he didn't keep the affair a secret for decades, he knew it was a mistake right away.

  • Sarah's new man, Graham, is putting the moves on her. There's a new kind of glow I see on Sarah and I am liking this new development.
  • Robert's presidential bid witnesses a dent, which is why Isaac (Nora's crush) was there to help him. Isaac organized a town hall meeting with war veterans to clean up Robert's reputation and he did pretty well answering all the questions.
  • The other Walker family, Holly and Rebecca, hosted a dinner at their house, too. And special guest was Holly's former flame, David. Holly assures her daughter David isn't her father, but why am I not convinced?