09 January 2008

Darn you Sky Cable! Here's what I'm missing on Conan!

Now that Conan O'Brien's show has moved to JackTV. And JackTV has moved to Destiny from Sky, on cable.... subscribers to Sky Cable in this side of the world, such as moi, have to resort to finding scraps on YouTube.

Had I not read about it, I would not have known Conan sang on his show last Friday.

I'm putting two videos in case one gets deleted...
(Videos from nonothebean and obsrobwoos on YouTube)

Proceeding with his show without the benefit of writers, Conan is doing everything, to the point of experimentation, to provided something fresh for his viewers. He doesn't attempt a monologue like Leno (who writes his own material) or Dave (who has an agreement with the Writers Guild). Conan, clearly the better writer between the two, is not pushing any pencils at all. He hasn't even shaved his strike beard. He's strongly on the writers' side.

You've gotta love this guy. The country song doesn't thrill me much but you've got to hand it to him for 1) doing a great job singing, 2) doing something different, and 3) not sacrificing what he believes.