16 January 2008

Idol Fever on....Are you burning up?

Tonight's the start of American Idol, now running on its 7th season. What's there to expect? Well, this year, contestants will be allowed to do what Canadian Idol has been doing since 3 years ago, and what Australian Idol has done for two years ---- have them play musical instruments. Ta-daaah! :P

Each year, the judges keep saying it's going to be the best season so far. Is anyone else buying that? And have you read about what Chris Daughtry has to say?
Daughtry blames the show’s woes partially on its emphasis on untalented singers. “People get tired of seeing people that suck,” he says. “It’s funny at first, but come on. They spend three weeks on people that can’t sing, and that’s what they’re banking it on. [They should] find some people that you can really invest in.”
- American Idol is in a State of Decline.
Of the six Idol winners --- Ruben Studdard (Season 2), Taylor Hicks (Season 5) and Katherine McPhee (edit: Season 5 - runner up) have been dropped by their label recently. [Kelly Clarkson (1), Fantasia Barino (3) and Carrie Underwood (4) are the other three] Are their cases good indication of what the show has become? Nothing more than just a popularity contest? I see you virtually nodding your head in agreement...

American Idol airs 6 PM and 8 PM on QTV-11 and Star World, Wednesday & Thursday.