20 January 2008

T-Bag on New York Magazine

One thing I've missed now that I'm not watching Prison Break? Robert Knepper. Here he is seen kissing Wentworth Miller. LOL!

As T-Bag, Knepper turned his character into the Hannibal Lecter of TV. I think that, removing all those women falling for Wenty aside, he would have to have the biggest fanbase on Prison Break.

Here are some excerpts of his interview with NYMag:

Do people ever get freaked out when they see you out and about?
One time I was at a hotel in Dallas waiting for the elevator, and the doors opened and there was this idyllic, blonde, blue-eyed couple — they looked like they were from, like, Denver. "Rocky Mountain High" should have been playing behind them. She's kind of cooing in his ear, and she turns as the doors open and sees me and literally swallows a scream. And then she immediately turned beet red because she realized that I was the actor, not the character, obviously. That's a great feeling — to affect people that deeply. At least they feel something. I just don't like it when my little boy is bleeding and somebody comes up to me and says, "Do you mind if I get a picture?"

Does it get weird sometimes — playing a total psycho and then going home and being a loving dad?
Well, I have that reentry period of driving home. You get home and it's, "Papa, let's play!" It’s the great equalizer. He is my life. I draw on that passion, that love, in a way, to play one of the most demented characters ever. I know it sounds like a dichotomy, but you'll see: When you have a child, your work will get even better. You're so focused. You really start to feel like, I would do anything, anything to protect my family. Including kill.

When is he going to be old enough to watch the show?
Oh, I don't know. 35? No, maybe 12. I'm sure he's going to be exposed to a lot worse by the time he's 10. He's going to look at it and say, "Oh please, Papa was playing a racist pedophile. That's nothing!"