03 January 2008

Just rounding up stuff TV related

Sky Cable and Solar Entertainment parting ways. Read the new line-up of shows on PinoyTVJunkie. I'm still on Sky Cable, unfortunately. Destiny isn't offered in our area.

On the bright side, the shows that matter to me are on Free TV, thank god Solar Entertainment opted for those. Even as I've already seen most of them, I'd still like to catch it on TV once in a while.

On the downside, I lost Conan since his show isn't available on Free TV. :(

The Writers Strike... is said to spill-over the following season (2008/2009) the way things are going now.

Have their demands become ridiculous? Avid viewers are asking. I still think they have every right to demand what they want; these writers have earned that right. If that means I've got nothing new to watch in the next months, I'll go by with reruns and old shows. I am, in fact, watching Ally McBeal episodes on 2nd Ave Free TV (everday at 4 PM).

I'd be very excited when something new airs, but if there's none, TV land has plenty
to fall back on.

Talk Shows are back. But the only one I can watch on cable is Letterman and today, he did his Top 10 Demands of the Striking Writers

10. The Daily Show's Tim Carvell: "Complimentary tote bag with next insulting contract offer."
9. The Colbert Report's Laura Kraft:
"No rollbacks in health benefits, so I can treat the hypothermia I caught on the picket lines."
8. Soap writer Melissa Salmons:
"Full salary and benefits for my imaginary writing partner, Lester."
7. Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Warren Leight:
"Members of the AMPTP must explain what the hell AMPTP stands for."
6. The Colbert Report's Jay Katsir:
"No disciplinary action taken against any writer caught having inappropriate relationship with a copier."
5. The Daily Show's Steve Bodow:
"I’d like a date with a woman."
4. Writer/director Nora Ephron:
"Hazard pay for breaking up fights on The View."
3. Law & Order's Gina Gionfriddo:
"I’m no accountant, but instead of us getting 4 cents for a $20 DVD, how about we get $20 for a 4-cent DVD?"
2. Late Night's Chris Albers:
"I don’t have a joke – I just want to remind everyone that we’re on strike, so none of us are responsible for this lame list."
1. Writer Alan Zwiebel:
"Producers must immediately remove their heads from their asses."

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