23 January 2008

Bye for now, Chuck

In the final episode of Chuck, now on a strike-forced hiatus, his status as the Intersect is at a risk when another agent learns of his identity. The CIA and the NSA soon decide it is time for Chuck to vanish. But Chuck realizes he isn't ready to leave his family. Especially not with his lovely sister and Capt. Awesome getting engaged.

The abrupt haitus also leaves me feeling the same as Chuck. I'm not ready to see this show disappear from its timeslot. But it's not up to me. :(

On the brighter side, informal strike talks resumes today. And there are indications that this should be the beginning of the end (of the strike). So, here's hoping we get to watch Chuck and the rest of our favorites in a month's time.

USA audience should tune to the final episodes of Chuck on Thursday, Jan 24 at NBC.