09 January 2008

The Mole is Back

I missed out on this when it was airing four years ago. It ran for three successive seasons only.

But because creative TV is at a depressing halt right now (yep, that's right --- strike!), inexpensive reality shows are springing here and there. Well, this one isn't just springing... it's been brought back from the dead.

ABC is set for the return of THE MOLE. Cited as the smartest show on television (not so sure about that now), contestants are grouped together to perform tasks, both mental and physical, to win big money. Sounds like the usual? Not quite so. Among the contestants, the producers have hired someone to sabotage the task, hence The Mole...and the rest of them are supposed to determine his or her identity.

Here's how it played out the last time, from the third season, with celebrity contestants:

Read the press release of the return of THE MOLE here