10 January 2008

Switching over to Canadian Programming

The lack of interesting American TV shows to watch has made me switch over to Canadian programming. And this week, I checked out two TV shows from that side of the North American region. I wasn't exactly easily impressed by it, and it may be because I don't know who these actors are (not yet anyway). But you know what, the shows were far from bad. They were satisfactory. And in these times when there's a TV drought, I'd take satisfactory any day.

The Border is a drama series that will remind you of how 24 first began. Granted it isn't as suspenseful as 24, it provides enough drama, tension and complexities expected of a post 9/11 scenario. I wasn't familiar with a lot of their government references (or general Canadian culture for that matter) but it wasn't hard to follow the story. One thing I'm missing though is the connection with the characters. Right now, they all act so one-dimensional to me. The Border's official site

Sophie is a sitcom adapted from the French. It centers a woman who is about to experience the worst year of her life ---- her boyfriend cheats with her best friend and steals all her clients, while she's 8 months pregnant. By the end of the episode, Sophie gives birth and finds the biggest surprise. I can best describe the show as a little bit similar to Samantha Who? Cute and funny (although not as funny as Sam). Sophie's official site