14 January 2008

British Series: Honest

Matriarch Lindsay Carter, stands as the head of the family after her husband is sent away to four years in prison for stealing a car. That's the least of her problems though because in her family, everyone else needs straightening out. With the police as a constant visitor to their house, Mrs. Carter vows it is time they turn a new leaf and start earning their own money. One wonders how this 6-episode series will develop, especially since it is no secret, stealing and extorting money is their way of life.

Dysfunction in this family reminded me of Dirty Sexy Money and Arrested Development. And these days, I'll take to watching anything, especially anything that may resemble Arrested. :)

Adapted from an award-winning New Zealand TV series, Outrageous Fortune, I hear Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) is also doing the same story for ABC.