14 January 2008

The Amazing Race Final Three

Next week's finale of The Amazing Race poses a big problem for me. In a rare instance, I love all three remaining teams, I wouldn't know who to root for. Nate and Jen, the bickering couple I was waiting to bite each other's head off, was eliminated tonight. Which leaves Ron/Christina, TK/Rachel and Don/Nic to compete for a million dollars.
  • Father daughter team Ron and Christina had some ups and downs (mostly downs from Ron) but even as that may be the case, Ron acknowledges his shortcomings and is learning to trust his daughter's decision more and more. That's probably why they are winning back to back legs.
  • TK and Rachel, earlier saddled with a speed bump that could have possibly ended their chances tonight, made an excellent comeback. What Nate and Jen lacked (patience and the ability to enjoy the experience), TK and Rachel had plenty of.
  • Grandpa Don and his grandson Nic is a team that's likeable enough, who wouldn't want to root for them? Besides, you've got to commend grandpa's resilience.
So, I would imagine next week to be the most exciting finale since the last 3-4 installments I've seen of TAR. But back to tonight, I've got one other problem. --- what the heck was Phil wearing?