21 January 2008

The Amazing Race 12 The Final Push

Congratulations, TK and Rachel! The nice ones do finish first.

It was a finale without the pointing fingers, the whining, the bickering and the shouting...much like the winners of this season. Although TK nearly (like .001% nearly) lost his temper, understandably, the situation was tense.

The older guys rocked that glacier ice climb thingie, who would've guessed? When Phil said Don was the oldest racer to ever reach final three (69 years old, is it?) I was hoping he'd also say Don's won a special prize. He deserves a special prize!

And this was bugging me the minute I saw Chris retrieve the clue --- how did they get one tiny clue cylinder into the cod's insides?

How hard was that roadblock? I didn't even try understanding what Phil said about it. That hurt my head.

Amazing season. Just Amazing.