28 October 2006

Mabilisan lang...

- Studio 60 has been given the go for 3 fresh episodes. That's a good sign isn't it? Go Matthew! I think I'll pop a Friends DVD tonight, am missing it!
- 30 Rock's casino episode this week reminded me of The Office's Season 2 Casino episode. But it also made me see how badly 30 Rock is regressing to, week after week after week.
- Just read in the news, Veronica Mars is off to college! I haven't even finished watching her escapades in senior high school. I know VM is great, I've seen season 1; a 40ish year old friend (and TV addict/critic) has high praises for it. But my hesitation to catch up with VM is again because of that thing I have... where I do not really like watching shows set in high school or have high schoolers in it. I've yet to finish VM Season 2
- Speaking of high school setting... about Smallville. See, here's why I'm partly bothered. These high schoolers in these shows --- they don't act like high school students; they don't move around a very high school environment; they don't speak like high school students. Yun lang naman ang reklamo ko. :D
- Smallville again --- Tom Welling can't act. Haha. I just realize that after I finished the Season 1 DVD yesterday. Season 2 marathon up next.
- Over at TVU, yesterday was the first time my son saw a few Full House (Bob Saget and baby Mary Kate & Ashely Olsen) episodes and he loved it! My son is the future TV Addict. Harhar.
- And if you're just at home today, check out Star World later this afternoon, around 4PM ---- The Simpson's Marathon, yeah! The marathon ends at 8 PM if I'm not mistaken.