20 October 2006

The Anatomy of Addison and Meredith's Psyche

I posted these on Girltalk (with some variations now).

Why I love Addison:

1. Because you see the growth of her character. In the beginning she was a bitch, eventually you realize she's not so bad after all. Then you realize, she's not bad at all, she just made a big mistake. And owned up to that mistake. That's another plus. She admitted she did wrong and was willing to suffer for it (Derek not loving her as much), and at the same time, refusing to give up fighting for it (still wants to keep the marriage despite Derek not loving her as much). Her character showed strength.

2. Her character showed weaknesses when on the outside, she's such a strong presence --- big-shot doctor, one of the best in her field, gorgeous, nice, funny, has a big heart, smart, rich, sexy.... and yet, she has insecurities (Meredith); so perfect yet so flawed.

There's too many dimensions to Addison. It's a joy to see these dimensions unravel in each episode. Discovering how she is makes her likeability factor a lot more positive.

What is wrong with Meredith:

1. She loves to play the victim. That's why it's easy for other characters to walk all over her. (Christina, Izzy and even buddy-buddy George, who in at least three episodes in Season 2 couldn't stand to be near her, and she just allowed that). Because she plays the victim, the circumstances she gets into makes her an open target for getting hurt.

2. There is something missing in her life. You can tell from the narrations. The stories she tell indicates of discontent, discouragement and heartaches. That's why she whines a lot. For Meredith, I think the bottomline is happiness is equal to finding someone to love her. That's what all that matters. In this sense it is quite understandble. You have to look at her past to understand why:

- She was abandoned by her father
- She was left with a mother who probably hasn't hugged her enough.

So, as a result, you have this pitiful character who desires, above anything else, love.

3. She will forever be like a child, in a sense: immature and self-absorbed. Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me... sounds like something a child would say. And because she unconsciously behaves like a child, Meredith will not be able to make a stand. She is similar to Derek in that aspect.