23 October 2006

Catching up on Smallville

It takes a while for me to warm up to comic book hero stories. I'm not one of those who instantly jump at the thought of watching movies like Spider-Man (great!) or Fantastic Four (crap!) or The X-Men (the first one was the best). I have the new series Heroes on file, but I never got to watching the second episode. Although, ironically, my son was named after a comic book character (Professor X, The X-Men), thanks to my husband (X-men fan, obviously) who just had to convince me it was a brilliant name! :) (Well it is!) Superman (Christopher Reeve) was one of those first few movies I saw inside the movie theater and that in itself makes the movie unforgettable. But even as I liked that movie a lot, it didn't turn me into one of those comic book hero fanboys (girl).

A lot older and more in tune to what I want, my preference for this genre was that of ambivalence. There is some hesitation --- Sure, I'd watch this, just not "right now". Okay, I'd probably like it a lot, too, I would probably even enjoy it ... but I tell you ahead of time --- I don't really look forward to it. If there was another option, I'd go by that other option.

So you must understand my hesitation for Smallville.

And it's not only because of that. It takes me a long time to warm up to a series set in high school or has high schoolers as the lead characters. I've long departed from that ever since 90210 Season 3. You know what I'd say to friends my age watching these types of show? I tell them it's so high school! Well... that and I'd snicker.

Yeah, I'm an old fart.

Anyway, my younger brother, one recent weekend, brought home this Smallville DVD set of Season 1 and 2. He said he wanted my son to watch it (what is it with men and comic book heroes!?) and took pains to tell my boy who Superman is and why he's great and all that. He sort of became the Ambassador for Smallville that way, even surprisingly engaging my Dad, my Aunt and my Mom in the conversation. And while a nice gesture from my son's favorite Uncle, as it turns out, my brother did not realize he chose the wrong family member to convince. Stepping in between my son and my brother (and the whole family), I intercepted the DVD set, studied it's box from inside out (read the inlay and stuff) and asked my brother what's so great about it. And then he starts to tell me little tidbits. I think we even debated about it (that, and The OC! ) . He and his wife were very enthusiastic, convincing me, the... non-believer (hehe).... to at least give it a try.

So the DVD set meant for my son's viewing pleasure (and subsequent initiation to the comic book hero fandom!) now sat on our shelf after my brother and his wife left that weekend, with a promise from me that: "Okay I'll check out your favorite show. Give me two months to watch all 48 (+?) episodes....and then we'll talk about how great it is on your next visit." *snicker*

* Two months was I thought how long it will take for me, counting the many days I will try to avoid watching it.

Yesterday, I saw 8 episodes of Season 1.

I looked over to my husband, who was also watching with me at that time and told him... "I think I'll lose my bet with my brother. Not that there was any bet involved but he told me I'd love it and I was so sure to tell him I won't. But now.... I think he's right." And I hate that feeling someone's right! (Am a Virgo, I have an excuse!) Especially someone right about what I would like!

So, yeah. This old fart's liking Smallville....not a lot though (still in denial hahaha) but to watch 8 episodes in succession? Is sort of a strong indication ---- I could not put the remote down!

So here I am...googling for anything Smallville, trying to catch up, getting to know the series a lot more. I've read a lot of spoilers now, so that just about ruins it for me.... But not so much that I don't look forward to finishing the sets my brother's brought.

There I said it.

Hi, I'm a TV Addict and my most recent one is of Smallville.