05 October 2006

You look like one of them, but you talk like one of us...

My latest favorite show is in danger of being cancelled. *sniff*. Studio 60, in its premiere three weeks ago, made decent ratings. But three episodes down the line and they're losing audience share of up to 30%. Not a lot of people get it. And I don't get that. Is it the writing? Does one have to be an idiot to get it? It's not a complicated show. Anyway, this week, my favorite line would have to be Danny, the show's director, telling the network president (played by Amanda Peet):

You look like one of them, but you talk like one of us...

Amanda Peet's character, Jordan, would have to be one of the reasons why I love this show (the other being Matthew Perry). Jordan, the character, is one smart and powerful woman (Idooool!!). Only 30-ish and she already heads a big network. And I like how they made her character "one of 'em"...you know, and not the suit-type. Amanda plays her effortlessly. I just learned now, Amanda can be quite an effective actress.

Here's hoping something favorable happens to this show in the next couple of weeks, I'd hate to see its demise this early. Aaron Sorkin's other shows like Sports Night survived a good two seasons, West Wing, seven (?). If Studio 60 falls somewhere between that, I'd be very happy!

If not, well, people are quick to jump ship over at 30 Rock which stars the real Studio 60's (Saturday Night Live) alumn, Tina Fey. This show premieres on the 11th of October.

Speaking of premiere, Lost Season 3 just started.....eeeeeekkkk! Here we go again with the mysteries!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Season 1 Episode 3 - The Focus Group
Original Airing: October 3, 2005
Network: NBC