25 October 2006

The Nine

Nope, it's not that new TV Show, I just saw it's first episode and it wasn't as enthralling as I've expected it to be.

But I've been tagged by HB (Hi HB! Long time...I lost your link actually, hahah. Sorry! Kasi naman dapat sekwet, LOL!) to: Simply list down nine weird things about yourself and tag nine others. (--- I love this salmon-colored text, very Addison Montgomery!)

1. LOVE: Champorado with lots of bite-size cheese, served cold; tinapay na ang palaman ay spaghetti; tocino with sabaw ng sinigang, and I mean I just prepare the sabaw straight from the pack (yung sinigang mix)

2. Komang ako. Is that how you call it? I mean, my arms, if I really stretch it out upwards, it bends on its own. Freakishly weird. Back in elementary, when a PE teacher told us to stretch our arms up and she was in front of me, she had this look on her face while looking at my arms! I could not forget that one.

3. When I read books, I read those in " " first. If it's a big paragraph without the " ", I skip it. When I'm done, I read the whole thing all over again, without skips this time.

4. I love sleeping on the edge of the bed. It just feels comfortable, with my legs or arms drooping by the side.

5. I collect earrings but never really wear a lot of it.

6. The men in my life (quite a few only), I met them all in my dreams first, all without faces; I can detect when someone is about to text me, a few seconds before the actual text comes in. My instincts are right most of the time. I'd like to believe I have super powers.

7. I don't know how to swim. If the earth suddenly turns into Waterworld, I'd rather die already.

8. I talk to myself.

9. Not only do I talk to myself, I host my own Oprah show in the bathroom, with me as Oprah and Oprah's special guest. That's why it takes me hours to come out from the bathroom, may taping ako!

I tag thee: