10 October 2006

Where have I seen them?

Rashida Jones: First saw her in NY-LON, which only lasted one Series, back in 2004 and was aired in a UK Channel. The story was fresh to me and since that was the year SATC said its farewell, I was looking for something with a similar feel (it's not it, I discovered later). NY-LON was okay; good premise --- LDR was not something which has been explored in great depth on television. However, the show was supposed to make you wanna fall in love, but it didn't. So in that aspect, it failed.

The second time I saw Rashida was in Our Thirties, which was supposed to premiere this season (Fall 2006), but I'm not seeing it anywhere. I guess did not get picked up? And it's no wonder why --- Our Thirties was not funny, it was junk and no one will be watching it anyway.

And finally, Rashida appears on The Office Season 3, as seen in the photo. She plays Karen and I think she will be the character Tim falls in love with, in place of Pam (who couldn't be in a relationship with Tim because she was engaged to someone else...*sigh*) Just when I was rooting for him and Pam. Tsk!

Let's re-live a Jim and Pam moment shall we?

Speaking of The Office...guess who appeared on Studio 60 last week (Episode 3: Focus Group)? It's that girl on the left....and she is none other than the "original" Pam of The Office, who in the UK version, is named Dawn....who ended up with her Tim (Jim for UK version) towards the finale of The Office UK.

Lucy Davis appears very briefly on Studio 60. And I don't think she has more than 3 words to her line (whispers actually, I could barely hear her!). I hope she has more screen time in the coming episodes.

Speaking of Studio 60...I think I may have mentioned that I am in love with this show more than once. But apparently someones is already breaking up with it! The letter sounds so much like something I wrote back in the day when I was having my own Jim/Tim - Pam/Dawn moment. Mwehehe....